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SM People Search
  • Find People, Phone Numbers, Assets, Relatives, Associates, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Corporate Affiliations and more!
  • Search in Real-Time. Searches and Reports completed instantly!
  • Choose from two low cost reports.
  • All information is current and detailed.
  • MetroCarHistorySM
    MetroCarHistory is a unique real-time VIN report offered only by Metropolitan Reporting Bureau. Reports are delivered in seconds in a concise, easy to follow format. MetroCarHistory provides crucial background information on the vehicle's past that may affect its value. Do not confuse this with VIN decoders or a simple claims database. No other information provider can claim to have such a powerful tool. Our report gives you a comprehensive history of the automobile. Don't let one false claim cost you thousands!

    MetroDMV is another of MRB's innovative real-time searchable national products. MetroDMV enables the user to obtain quick, precise results on vehicle registration information. A user will be able to verify registration information in seconds! A user can search information in seconds with one of three pieces of information: a VIN, a plate number and state, or a name and address. Forty states.

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