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MetroDMV is another of MRB's innovative real-time searchable national products. MetroDMV enables the user to obtain quick, precise results on vehicle registration information. A user will be able to verify registration information in seconds! A user can search information in seconds with one of three pieces of information: a VIN, a plate number and state, or a name and address. It is that easy. The user enters one of these three bits of information and in return they receive a detail of the owner's full name, street address, and all vehicle information including the VIN, year make and model. MRB prides itself on providing up to date information. MetroDMV has the most up to date vehicle registration information possible. MRB understands how valuable our customers time is. MetroDMV makes vehicle registration verification possible, quickly!

Please Note:
Records are purged 18 months after expiration.