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Founded in 1957, Metropolitan Reporting Bureau is the first company to specialize in obtaining all types of nationwide reports for the claims industry. Over 50 years of experience has made our service the most efficient in the industry. Once an order is placed M.R.B. takes a very personalized approach to ensure each customer receives their product in the shortest period of time. To meet this goal, Metropolitan does what others will not do. We have a department of people designated for mapping, calling and investigating each request from start to finish. This process ensures the highest level of speed and accuracy.

M.R.B. also utilizes state of the art mapping and imaging technology to accurately determine which agency handled the loss. This makes Metropolitan Reporting Bureau the clear choice in the reporting industry. Reporting is the only business we do. Unlike other reporting companies we do not have subsidiaries, affiliations or databases to share or sell the information we collect. Privacy is our number one concern.

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